Ryan Gosling on preparation for his role in Only God Forgives, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. [video]

Ryan Gosling treating life like a photoshoot

Reblogging this for two reasons. 1) RYAN GOSLING, bitches. You need no more, but 2) for the comment, LOOOOOL. So good, So true!!!

Ryan Gosling. February 13th, 2013

This was on my likes for a while, sorry for being late.

Stephen Meyers | The Ides of March

If you’re planning to tell me that he’s not hot, I warn you I could kill you. (And what an amazing movie. I loved it!)

“Don’t go.”

“Don’t let me.”

Ugh. These two. Together in a movie. Gangster-ish look. Guys, I can’t promise you I will survive.

I would get in, even dressed, even on my 10,000$ (or more) wedding dress. I wouldn’t give any f*cks. WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE HIM WAIT??? HE’S NAKED!!! AND BEGGING YOU!!!! ARE YOU AN IDIOT??