The Ides of March (USA, 2011)

Ryan Gosling on preparation for his role in Only God Forgives, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. [video]

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Ryan Gosling treating life like a photoshoot

Reblogging this for two reasons. 1) RYAN GOSLING, bitches. You need no more, but 2) for the comment, LOOOOOL. So good, So true!!!

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Ryan Gosling. February 13th, 2013

This was on my likes for a while, sorry for being late.

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Stephen Meyers | The Ides of March

If you’re planning to tell me that he’s not hot, I warn you I could kill you. (And what an amazing movie. I loved it!)

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“Don’t go.”

“Don’t let me.”

Ugh. These two. Together in a movie. Gangster-ish look. Guys, I can’t promise you I will survive.

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I would get in, even dressed, even on my 10,000$ (or more) wedding dress. I wouldn’t give any f*cks. WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE HIM WAIT??? HE’S NAKED!!! AND BEGGING YOU!!!! ARE YOU AN IDIOT??

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¿Lo que llevas en la boca es una púa, Ryan? ¿¿LO QUE LLEVAS EN LA BOCA ES UNA PÚA??

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